.Dear Campers,  

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has thrust our community into unknown territory. We recognize this is a worrisome time and
 that many in our community have faced both health and economic impacts. We are here to try to help. The Campground has been cleared to open with some restrictions in place. The opening day will be May 1st. 2020

The last thing anyone wants is to lose a safe place to camp and call home. Unfortunately, Seasonal agreements will still need to be 
paid as we have bills as well, and the due date is May 1st. As per our Seasonal agreement, there will be no entry into Circle K campground until seasonal site payment is paid or alternative payment agreements have been discussed. 

For our weekend campers, as long as your unit has a bathroom we will book a site for you. Please understand the restrictions below when booking a site with us. At this time there will be no refunds once the site has been reserved. Until the Safe at home is lifted the restrictions below will be mandated by our Health department in Jefferson county, Wisconsin.

As owners of Circle K Campground, we want to ensure we can continue to support the personnel and staff who work every day to provide essential services to all campers. We are all in this together, and if we work together, we can weather this storm. 
We hope that in the coming weeks and months, our elected leaders will take steps to provide financial assistance to mitigate the hardships faced by our campers. We value all our campers and will support efforts by our leaders to help support members of our community during this pandemic. 

Restrictions need to be adhered to according to the stay at home measures in place by our Governor. To ensure the safety of our Campers, we ask everyone to adhere to these temporary rules below:

    1.At this time children will not be allowed on the playground equipment
    2.Bathrooms will remain closed until the stay at home measures are lifted
    3.The pool will remain closed until the stay at home measures are lifted
    4.Everyone must stop at the gate and honk the horn. No extra guest on a site at this time.
    5.We are taking temperatures at the gate prior to entering the park. Anyone with a temperature of 100 will not be allowed 
        into the park. This is for your protection and our campground patrons.
    6.No reservations for Guests in tents or popup w/o bathrooms.
    7.No more than 10 people to a site. Social distancing can still be fun. Just 6 ft from each other. Maybe we can come up with a game.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ed or Coleen Dionne at 262-495-289

With sincerest appreciation,  

Coleen & Ed Dionne